Honor the King with your life. Swear allegiance to Him and to Him only, serve the King in truth, justice, and honor. Offer compassion to the weak, the destitute, the widowed, and the poor. Live for the King serve others without cause for personal gain. Never adandon a fellow Knight in battle or in peril. Equip, train, and prepare for battle against the forces of the Dark Knight. Serve the King and faint not in the day of battle. Use not the sword for personal gain, but rather to execute justice and the will of the King. Be merciful, loyal, courageous, faithful, nobel, but above all, be ye humble before the King and before men. Let your words be always spoken in truth. - The Code Sir Dalton And The Shadow Heart

Monday, April 12, 2010

Pure: A 90-Day Devotional for the Mind, the Body & the Spirit By Rebecca St. James

 Rebecca St. James's messages of abstinence and modesty reflect her passionate love for Jesus and her commitment to living for Him. Rebecca does more than talk the talk--she walks the walk. And in this daily devotional, she offers young women the encouragement they need to join her in living a life of all-out purity. It's not just about sex. It's about mind, body, and spirit.

This 90-day devotional proves that purity is anything but old-fashioned and boring. It's edgy and relevant. Rebecca lives it--and readers can live it too. It starts with Day 1 . . . and ends with everyday radical living.
Rating: 1/5 Age Range: 14-20
I have to say I was highly dissapointed with this book. The first few days were fine, but I had a few problems with some of the things in the book. I won't rant and rave long, but I will say that one of the things I had a problem with. In the book, she mentioned a play she was in where she played a "less than honorable woman" in a play, depciting Jesus redeeming her. Thats not a problem your thinking? Your right! But she said she came out in a revealing outfit and shocked people! This to me is contradictary! If someones not walking the talk, then why listen to them?! 
In addition to this, it seemed to me that shes leeniant on the whole "dating" thing, and doesn't really state her beliefs. 
On a more positive note, I do believe she tries. She does have positive Christian music to share with the world. All in all, I wouldn't reccomend this book. If you enjoyed this book, please don't be affended! Everyone gets something different out of books, and this is only my opinion! If you have a different opinion of this book, please leave a comment!  

Lost Art Of True Beauty- By Leslie Ludy

Sensuality equals beauty—that’s what today’s young women are learning from our sex-obsessed society. Millions of 20 somethings are caught up in trying to look like fashion models, movie stars, or the hottest new pop singer and end up plagued by insecurity, eating disorders, and sexual promiscuity.

Bestselling author and speaker Leslie Ludy (Set-Apart Femininity and Authentic Beauty) shares a different vision for feminine loveliness as God intended it to be—the breathtaking radiance of a young woman who has been transformed by Christ from the inside out. With candid personal stories, practical advice, and inspiration, Leslie leads young women on a life-changing journey to become women of feminine grace, beauty, and enduring style.

Leslie inspires girls toward inner changes but also talks about practical social grace and manners, how to dress beautifully, and even how to create a warm and lovely environment in the home. Clearly, true beauty is more than skin deep.
Rating: 5/5 Age range: 14-20
When Miss Ludy says in the begininng that she trys to write her books in a "conversational" tone. It truely is as if she is sitting across the tabel speaking to you.

The topics  range from modesty and appearance, to being all God wants you to be. I woud say though that most of the topics most likely be over a 12 or under young lady's head. None of the topics would be inappropriate, but they may not get all of it at that age-or younger.

This is the first book I've read by Leslie Ludy, and I hope to get many more! It was well written and enjoyable. I would reccomend it to any young lady looking for a good non-fiction book.

COMING SOON....Sir Dalton And The Shadow Heart Book 3 by Chuck Black