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Monday, October 11, 2010

Skin Map By Stephen R. Lawhead

Skin Map By Stephen R. Lawhead

Review- I have a very hard time writing this review, I myself like to write and I feel bad for having to write a negative review. But I was told by booksneeze.com to write an HONEST review. So here it goes......
The initial story plot of this book intrigued me, but it felt as if he drug the story out way too long, and didn't have enough content. The story drug on and on, and I felt the writing was poor. By the second chapter I was entirely bored with the book. I forced myself to read the rest of the 400 some page book and was not pleased. Honestly, Its hard for me to find anything I think was positive in the book! I read a 2,000 page book last Summer in but a few short weeks-this book? It took me an entire month to read it, and its only 400 pages! And the text is about the size of this text.

Negative Content:
Honestly, to me this book was all negative content! I personally felt that the author dwelled way too much on the ladies' appearances, Willhelmina (A main character) was described as being "a dead ringer for the undertaker's anemic daughter." And "Her was mousy hair, both in colour and texture: very fine, shiny, and slightly bristly, and she kept it aggressively short." While the other woman in the story was described as "the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen up close in flesh. Her softly rounded form was encased in a gown of..."
He then goes on " The heavy boning of her bodice accentuated the delicious curve of her waist...." This bothered me quite a bit as he made Willehmina out to be an ugly, unshapely woman that he hated (only because of her appearance, and that she was over worked!)

Aside from writing mistakes, the spiritual side was incredibly lacking and inappropriate! For a Christian book, I don't believe it mentioned GOD once! Thats not something that I would initially be holding against a book (its not a huge deal) But other gods were mentioned! Allah, sacrifices and chanting over a dead body are just a few things.

Positive content: The plot was in theory a good idea. I did love the cover art, and found it intriguing. The first chapter was good....

I apologize if I come off seeming snobby or rude, but this was to be an honest opinion.

This book was provided for free to me by Thomas Nelson.