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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Girl Talk With God By Susie Shellenberger

Girl Talk with God [Book]Girl Talk With God By Susie Shellenberger

Most Christian teens don't know how to pray. And when they do pray, they don't know how to discern God's voice. In Girl Talk With God, author Susie Shellenberger shows teens how to pray and challenges them to deepen specific areas in their lives through a series of conversations between God and a teenage girl. As editor of Brio magazine, a Focus on the Family publication for teenage girls with a circulation of over 200,000, Shellenberger has proven a keen ability to reach this often-misunderstood age group with her signature blend of casual, non-threatening teaching.
My Review:
I have a subscription to Miss Shellenberger's magazine-Susie. I've read all her answers to girls questions in her own article section. I agree with almost everything she's ever said, and knew that I would love this book. However, it surpassed my expectations! It was by far one of the best books I've read in a while! Overall it was helpful and insightful. The book is literally written as an on-going conversation between a teenage girl and God. A very unique and great way to write a book. The format was basically like this:

God: Hi!
Me: Hey, God! Whats up?

And so on and so forth until the end of the chapter. I helped open my eyes to fact that we can have a real conversation with God.

There was a few subjects that didn't pertain to me, but I'm sure are relevant to other girls. (Cutting, Sex etc.)
However, the subjects were handled with tact, and would be appropriate to all ages-probably as young as 9 or ten. And I did enjoy the fact that the subjects were more generalized, and easier for me to relate to. As in, the chapter on Sex was really more of God asking the teen girl why she was filling herself up with things other than HIM. Hopefully I've made it clear that this book was very good, and that my 'negative' isn't truly negative but more of an observation.

A must read for every girl! 5/5 Star Rating

Romance Level: Below Jane Austen
Violence: 1/5