Honor the King with your life. Swear allegiance to Him and to Him only, serve the King in truth, justice, and honor. Offer compassion to the weak, the destitute, the widowed, and the poor. Live for the King serve others without cause for personal gain. Never adandon a fellow Knight in battle or in peril. Equip, train, and prepare for battle against the forces of the Dark Knight. Serve the King and faint not in the day of battle. Use not the sword for personal gain, but rather to execute justice and the will of the King. Be merciful, loyal, courageous, faithful, nobel, but above all, be ye humble before the King and before men. Let your words be always spoken in truth. - The Code Sir Dalton And The Shadow Heart

Friday, July 30, 2010

Cast Of Characters By Max Lucado

Book Rating: 4/5

This is the first book I have ever read by Max Lucado, and I must say, the best non- fiction book I've read in a very long time! Most devotional/inspirational books-that I've read- are dull and lifeless. Not so with this book! Lucado takes a "cast of characters" from the Bible and places them in real life situations, allowing you to relate easier to them. For instances, take Moses. The scene pans to a murderer, reduced from the life of a big-shot, to a janitor. Ever heard the story of Moses like that? I have now! Each chapter is ended with thought provoking questions pertaining to that chapter.

Lucado's writing style is easy to read, and flows. I stayed up into the wee hours of the night, wanting to finish this book!

The only complaint I have is that he used one word that is not acceptable in my house. I don't care ____.
Not considered "horrible" for most, but not acceptable in my family. Otherwise, I was very pleased with the book. I would jump if given the chance to read another of Max Lucado's books.
Romance level: Below Jane Austen. Some Bible references to harlotry and prostitution. But nothing you wouldn't find in the Bible!

Violence: low (again, nothing you wouldn't find in the Bible)

Negative content: One inappropriate word not used my house.

This book was given to me courtesy of Thomas Nelson.

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