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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Complete works of Jane Austen

Collected together in one volume, The Complete Novels show the development of Austen as a writer and social commentator. From the early optimism and youthful energy of Northanger Abbey to the quiet and subtle art of Persuasion, this collection reveals the breadth of one of the best loved novelists of all time.

Rating 4/5
All of the novels (except one in my opinion) are well written, the romance is "Jane Austen" : ) Theres never anything too descriptive. This one may depend on your personal convictions, but I think its appropriate. It is a pretty hard read, I would reccomend it for 14+. In order to fully understand the book, you will need to give it your full attention. It isn't the kind of book you can put down and pick up every other page it has to be read chapter by chapter (again my opinion) The only book that was questionable was the Mansfield Park. Some may not be thrilled with the play in the book. Its supposed to be morally and ethically wrong. She does refuse to take part in it, and the play plot is never "really" stated, its only a vauge idea. But I've seen one of the movie adaptions, and it was pretty bad! It was NOT like that in the book! The purpose of the play-I think- was to show that she had a good moral compass. Overall, the books are good and clean. I didn't care for the last book, "Lady Susan" it was letters written back and forth between two people, and quite dull to me. Jane Austen's books are one of the those classic books that you "must" read before you die.

Interesting fact: The photo (above) is the only portrait we have of Jane Austen! Oh, and just so you know, I would NEVER reccomend reading the complete collection in one volumn! Its VERY overwhelming! But I do reccomend reading them seperatley!

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