Honor the King with your life. Swear allegiance to Him and to Him only, serve the King in truth, justice, and honor. Offer compassion to the weak, the destitute, the widowed, and the poor. Live for the King serve others without cause for personal gain. Never adandon a fellow Knight in battle or in peril. Equip, train, and prepare for battle against the forces of the Dark Knight. Serve the King and faint not in the day of battle. Use not the sword for personal gain, but rather to execute justice and the will of the King. Be merciful, loyal, courageous, faithful, nobel, but above all, be ye humble before the King and before men. Let your words be always spoken in truth. - The Code Sir Dalton And The Shadow Heart

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sir Bentley and Holbrook Court-Knights of Arrethtrae series-Book 2 By Chuck Black

Sir Bentley and Holbrook Court-Knights of Arrethtrae series-Book 2
Sir Bentley, an honorable young knight, abandons his calling in order to seek the truth of the Prince. Choosing to live as the Prince did, he forsakes his former lifestyle and wealth to live as a pauper. His travels take him to Holbrook, where the townsfolk live in poverty, paying high taxes to support the lavish lifestyle of Lord Kingsley and his court. But something even darker is lurking in the shadows of the beautiful castle.

Bentley soon befriends Eirwyn, a mysterious but compassionate young woman who often distributes food among the poor. When Eirwyn is kidnapped by a ruthless tribe to serve as a sacrifice, Bentley battles a vicious mountain creature to save her life. But when he discovers who is really behind Holbrook’s downfall, he’s faced with an even bigger challenge–battling the Dark Knight’s most evil commander and his Shadow Warriors as they attack the castle.

Will greed destroy the kingdom the way it destroyed Lord Kingsley? Or can Sir Bentley and Eirwyn work together to restore order and prosperity to the kingdom through the compassion and grace of the Prince?

Journey to Arrethtrae, where these knights of noble heart live and die in loyal service to the King and the Prince. These knights are mighty, for they serve a mighty King. They are…the Knights of Arrethtrae!

Rating: 5/5
The second book in this series, I don't believe they need to be read in order. Every book follows a certain amount of time with each charcter, and moves on to another in the next book. Which to me is slightly dissapointing, but I understand not having enough material to do more with the same character.

The book is well written, there is a bit of romance, which is "Jane Austen" on the romance scale. It never gets graphic, its only a "dude, shes pretty." Type of thing, and he never dwells on it. There is a surprising twist towards the end....shhhh!!! I do reccomend that you read the book series with other books read in between. Again, highly reccomended!

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