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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Monster By Frank Peretti

Rating: 5/5didn't like it
MonsterRomance level: Below Jane Austen
Violence: High
Review: The best book I've read in a very long time! The first Adult book I've ever read by Peretti, it kept me on the edge of my seat for the entire book! Gripping emotional situations had my heart thumping as Beck and Reed are nearly reunited. I found the addition of the "thing" that screamed like a woman very intriguing! I read the book in the dark (with a book light) one night, and I was in the part where the "thing" was outside the Shelton's tent wailing, and I totally freaked out! I have an over active imagination, and thought I heard something outside...which I explained as the dog...till I found out the dog was inside....I suppose we'll never know...

I found the entire story line gripping and enthralling. With an unexpected twist at the end, how could you go wrong? Peretti wove an amazing tale that was clean, yet exciting! I'm the type to go for action/horror books. Behind the book was a moral backbone, with the conclusion of the book being that God will give us the courage to face virtually anything.

There wasn't a whole lot of negative-thank goodness! The violence level was a little high. I felt that he handled it well seeing as how it is a horror/suspense book. There was some killing (by the Monster) but was handled well and not dwelt on. However, the Monster did kill quite a few people. I say this only as a warning for those who prefer to read books without violence.


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  1. I listended to that one on CD on a trip!

    so intense!